How to put photos in your house according to Feng Shui

Maybe you just moved home and you do not know where to start with the decoration, that you are experiencing a bad period, that you need a change or that you simply want to try something new. If you are going through any of these situations, el Feng Shui will help you overcome them starting with one of the most basic elements: the placement of photos. This ancient art, which literally means “wind and water”, is based on the Chinese cosmogony to attract good energies according to the disposition of the environment that surrounds us. Or what is the same: seek our vital balance and our well-being according to the disposition of the elements that make up our home. For this reason, and because photographs are always one of the elements that we do not know exactly where to place and it is the easiest to move in our rooms, we will explain below some of the tips you can take out from now Aim, because according to this practice, the good energies They are about to move into your house.

Ideas to decorate the house applying Feng Shui