How to put the music you want on Spotify, even if it is not in lists

The Spotify catalog is quite extensive, but it has limits. Plus all We have certain songs outside of that catalog that we are obsessed with and we would like to always have within reach and with the rest of our musical collection instead of in a different application where you have to pay an additional cost to be able to listen offline.

It’s a bit of a hidden trick but happily Spotify does give you the option to import local files and being able to have ALL your music on your mobile.

You just have to follow these steps:

1. Download Spotify on a Windows or Mac OS computer

If you haven’t already, download the desktop version of Spotify on your PC.

2. Download music from YouTube or Soundcloud on the same computer

We recommend YT1s for YouTube and for Soundcloud (you can put a link to a playlist to download all the songs from the front). Both services are super fast and easy to use.

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