how to reach and engage a quality audience on LinkedIn?

Today, LinkedIn has more than 830 million members and 58 million company pages. This makes social networking a cornerstone of any B2B marketing strategy. Its advertising options help to develop the notoriety of its company and to find new customers. However, this requires a good understanding of the workings of the social network.

On Thursday, October 13 at 5 p.m., HubSpot, the scalable CRM platform for sales, marketing, and customer service teams, invites you to learn best practices for reaching and engaging a quality audience. During this webinar, two speakers from LinkedIn will be present to discuss targeting and marketing strategy.

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Mastering Audience Targeting on LinkedIn

Targeting is at the heart of any advertising strategy. This is what makes it possible to get the right message to the right person, and above all, at the most opportune time. The good thing is that LinkedIn offers advanced audience targeting features. It can be done according to multiple criteria such as the sector of activity, the training, the centers of interest or the place. It is even possible to target users according to the size of their company or the income of the latter. In short, the possibilities are numerous.

To help you find your way around the many options offered by the professional social network, three speakers will be present. Sebastian Ferreira, Customer Success Manager at HubSpot, will be accompanied by Estelle Harmand, Client Solution Manager and Hugo Welter, Senior Sales Account Executive at LinkedIn. The experts will come back to how the platform’s targeting works, which must be mastered in order to reach and engage a quality audience.

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Better manage your campaigns on LinkedIn Ads

During this online event, you will discover the best practices to adopt to properly target your prospects and develop your audience. This includes relying on reliable data and arming yourself with a platform like HubSpot’s. Speakers will explain how its features can help you better manage your LinkedIn Ads campaigns.

They will also come back to the marketing analytics tools offered, making it possible to effectively measure the results of its advertisements and their impact. This is an essential step in defining the actions to be adjusted and the strategies to be implemented. Targeting a quality audience necessarily involves producing regular reports.

During this webinar, a demonstration of the main functionalities of the HubSpot platform will be carried out. This will allow you to learn about existing solutions to improve the management of your campaigns from LinkedIn’s advertising management.

The October 13 webconference is an opportunity to understand:

  • How to use LinkedIn targeting;
  • How to add your data to improve the relevance of your campaigns;
  • Best practices for reaching and engaging a quality audience;
  • How to measure results and optimize your reporting.

At the end of this event, you will have all the keys in hand to create a powerful marketing targeting strategy on LinkedIn. To discover them all and get valuable advice from the three experts, register now.