How to read your blood test?

How to read your blood test?

Energy vector of the heat released by our body, blood has always been considered the vehicle of life. With the enrichment of techniques and medical knowledge, the number and complexity of biological parameters have increased.
What is the distress of the patient confronted with a succession of sibylline denominations adjoining the formidable words of “cholesterol”, “apolipoproteins”, “immunoglobins” and other “aminotransferases”!
With this book, Dr. René J. Bourdiol draws up a real blood primer. Not wanting to give the impression of ranking them, the author has adopted the alphabetical mode to present some fifty headings selected for their diagnostic value and their general interest. By referring to the index the reader will find the physiological level of the substance sought as well as its pathological variations.
Practical, specific and taking into account medical news, How to read your blood analysis finally devotes a special section to AIDS, spasmophilia and tetany.

Used book written by René-J Bourdiol
published in 1996 by Éditions Rocher (Editions du), Equilibre.
Health, dietetics, beauty, general works, everyday questions
161 pages, Paperback
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