How to recover deleted files in WatSab

How to recover deleted files in WatSab

Today, Tuesday, 17 April 2018 04:36 PM, which is the story of “How to recover deleted files in Watasab”, our dear visitors in all parts of the Arab world, we offer you dear readers today’s news of “How to recover deleted files in Wattasab “, which has been transformed as it is without any modification to the news content of the news, and without the addition of writing any content within the news aimed at dispersing the continental Arab citizen of the truth, which seeks always and nothing else, we brought you the most important news today, “You have been exposed between your dear Arab continental hand through our website News Lord of your way to find out the truth, how to recover deleted files in WhatsApp. Today, Tuesday, 17 April 2018 04:36 PM, (Arab News _ your way to know the truth) – The newspaper “Daily Mail” British, that users of the application “and on Facebook” on android can retrieve the multimedia files they deleted. The source pointed out that the user on Android and Android can retrieve videos, pictures, audio recordings and files sent and deleted later. The Web site added that the feature is available in the new update, which was previously launched for Android users, while the company has not yet announced the availability of property for iPhone users. The feature works by going back to the conversation and clicking on the file you want to retrieve, and you’ll see a “Reload” option. Last February, Outlook launched a feature to delete messages sent before it was viewed by the recipient, with a maximum of 420 seconds (7 minutes). About one month ago, the application changed the duration of the message to 4096 seconds (ie, 68 minutes: 1 hour, 8 minutes, 16 seconds). The user has to press the message at length to see a list of options, including the “Delete all” option. More than one message can be allocated and deleted at the same time. We thank you dear visitors for your follow-up and we hope that we will be good when you think about us, where we have now been informed how to recover the deleted files in Watasab through our site. News, Latensa Follow us work “IK” on the social networking pages of our site “Arab News – your way to know the truth “To receive new news in a renewed and rapid manner at the moment of the news. Arab News – How to recover deleted files in WatSab
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