How to Renew COVID Certificate and International Vaccination Certificate

Yesterday, September 24, the Ministry of Health told how Ukrainians who received a half-year certificate of vaccination can update it without leaving their homes. It is noted that it is necessary to renew the COVID certificate within a certain period of time.

Earlier, we have already told what needs to be done in order to receive a certificate of completion of a full or partial course of vaccination on the state portal. However, it should be noted that this document, like the International Certificate of Vaccination, has an expiration date.

For Ukrainians who have received a certificate valid for 6 months, the Ministry of Health recommends updating it on the DIYA portal within a month before its expiration date. The first vaccination certificate obtained from a family doctor is also valid for half a year. However, after the renewal, its term will be extended for another year and a half.

We remind you that earlier Vgorode reported that in September the Cabinet of Ministers extended the validity of certificates that patients received after completing a full or partial course of vaccination.

It is noteworthy that with the transfer of the country to the “yellow” quarantine zone, Ukrainians who have a valid certificate receive some relaxation of quarantine restrictions, compared to the unvaccinated population.