How to Retrieve Your Pokemon from a Gym in Pokemon GO

if you play Pokémon GO You will know that it is possible to farm Pokemonedas by leaving your Pokémon in gyms, although they can last many days doing this task. If you happen to send your favorite Pokémon to gyms you might miss them after a while, which makes you wonder how we can get a Pokémon back from a Gym.

In previous versions of Pokémon GO it was possible to leave a Pokémon in a Gym and forget it for months, since they could last hundreds of days before returning to their owners. This changed when the motivation mechanic arrived, but it can still be a long time before your Pokémon returns, as some players have reported absences of up to 40+ days.

Unfortunately there is no simple way to make your Pokémon that you have in Gyms return, because the only way to leave them is to lose all their motivation and suffer a defeat. Since you can’t bring your Pokémon back whenever you want, your only options are to make another account or ask a friend to defeat your Pokémon.

Unfortunately, Niantic doesn’t offer an easier way to bring your Pokémon back, so if you’ve left one of your favorites in a less-traveled Gym, you risk a long time before it returns. If you have a friend who plays Pokémon GO you can ask them to defeat your Pokémon to leave the Gym, but otherwise you will have to grind on a secondary account to beat your same Pokémon.

Although many years have passed since the launch of Pokémon GO, there are still millions of players around the world, so we hope that Niantic will continue to support the game and continue to add features in the future. In the meantime, all that remains is to wait for your Pokémon to return, so I recommend that you do not leave your favorites in the Gyms.

2023-06-01 17:29:34

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