How to save battery on your iPhone

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Updated:05/21/2020 01:55 a.m.


Although a lot of progress has been made in recent years and any mobile that does not have at least 3,500 mAh seems outdated, battery life is still one of the great challenges of mobile phone manufacturers. Zeroing in is not a tasteful dish. Because, in additionSometimes it is inevitable that it happens at the least opportune moment. Scratching a few extra hours It may be essential. With some actions and changes in habits, it is possible to extend the autonomy of terminals such as the iPhone, which for a long time its users have complained about this section.

Don’t look at the mobile so many times

The idea is that it lasts as long as possible, with what is necessary, first, assuming that you have to adopt some habits such as avoiding seeing the mobile every two by three. Only when necessary. The reason is that the screen is the element that consumes the most energy resources. So each unnecessary glance can increase consumption and therefore reduce autonomy.

Decrease brightness

As we say, the screen takes the big scourge of battery consumption. It is responsible, on many occasions, for more than 60% of total consumption. So you have to pay attention to it. Its level of brightness affects, so a recommendation may be to reduce it. It is a gesture that can be easily modified from the «Control Center» in a customizable bar to adjust it.

Check battery health

For several updates, iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system, has been incorporating a function within “Settings” to easily check the health status of the battery. It does not really serve to change anything but, at least, the user of an iPhone can know with certainty if the problem that their mobile phone has to have the plug at hand. That a battery is at 90% is a sign that it is doing well. If it falls below 60% or 70%, more attention may be required. It may need to be changed.

Activate saving mode

One of the most interesting functions that «smartphones» carry is the possibility of activating the energy saving mode. It is not a panacea but it can be useful to extend a few hours of use. In the case of the iPhone, this option is located in “Settings” and enter “Battery”. There you will find a section called «Low consumption mode». Temporarily reduce background activity like downloads and email checking until your mobile can fully recharge. The upside is that it only limits the more advanced features.

Deactivate location

There are applications that require access to the iPhone’s location. Fortunately, iOS allows modifying the permissions so that it is activated only when a certain “app” is used. But, it can also be disabled. To do this, go to “Settings / Privacy / Location”. From this section you can customize the settings for different “apps”, although you have to go one by one.

Activate dark mode

This feature is present in the latest versions of iOS, but it is a fantastic idea because if you own an iPhone with an OLED screen, you will notice it even more. This is “dark mode”, a feature that has been spreading on other platforms and applications. Activating it is easy. You just have to go to “Settings” and enter the option “Screen and brightness”. There two possibilities will appear, «light» and «dark».



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