How to sell amazon successfully

More and more businesses choose sell your products through Amazon thanks to the opportunities it offers, but you have to know manage them effectively and know the ins and outs of the environment in depth to be successful. And this is one of the tasks in which the digital marketing agency QTZ Marketing has specialized: to sell well on Amazon.

The great success of the world’s largest online sales platform is attracting more and more manufacturers, entrepreneurs, brands and companies to ‘try their luck’ with their products, trying to take advantage of its efficient logistics. But the task is not easy. There are many factors to take into account to get a good result: the high competition, the algorithm, the requirements and associated costs… Without the right experience and knowledge it is very difficult to manage in this powerful ‘marketplace’.

Among other communication and advertising activities, QTZ Marketing He has been managing the Amazon accounts of different brands and companies for a long time with a single goal: to increase your sales volume. The best way to achieve this, according to those responsible, is “working and exploiting all the opportunities that Amazon generates in a seller account, always accompanied by the best marketing tools and techniques to combine a strategy of success and continuity over time”.

“In the agency we define a personalized strategy that adapts to the objectives and needs of the business”

What tools are used by QTZ Marketing to achieve success? On the one hand, it is consultancy work essential. The starting point is the analysis of the company and its competition. “We identify the keywords that users are searching for on Amazon, as well as those that other companies in the sector are using and We define a personalized strategy that adapts to the objectives and needs of the business”, they assure.

organic positioning

The organic positioning system on the online sales platform is also important. Or what is the same, work with a well-defined SEO strategy inside and outside of it that manages to increase the notoriety and the appearance of the desired products in the first places and increase their sales volume.

The professionals of the QTZ Marketing agency guide their clients to achieve great success.

The management of paid advertising through targeted ads is another powerful tool. In this sense, QTZ Marketing reinforces the visibility of the products to potential customers through paid advertising that allows reaching the top positions with little investment and a high return.

Finally, this digital marketing agency Manage each account completely individually. “We are in charge of promoting it and, once this objective has been achieved, maintaining it over time with good results, constantly optimizing it to achieve greater levels of success”, highlight those responsible.

In short, QTZ Markting helps companies transform the idea of ​​trying their luck on Amazon into the goal of selling successfully in Amazon.

In addition to this advisory work, QTZ Marketing is soon going to launch a face-to-face course for marketing professionals who want to specialize, or for entrepreneurs and companies who want to run their own business on this online sales platform. More information at: and by mail: [email protected]

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