How to Sell NFT Works like Ghozali Everyday on OpenSea

JakartaGhozali Everyday received Rp 1.5 billion from the sale of his selfie photo NFT. This 7th semester student of Animation Study Program, Faculty of Computer Science, Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) Semarang, sells the NFT work on the OpenSea marketplace.

How do you sell NFT works like this student whose real name is Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali? Quoted from the OpenSea page, here’s how to sell NFT works that students can try.

1. Open the page

2. Click the profile icon and click the Create tab at the top right.

3. On the NFT item creation page, upload the NFT document, give it a name, and write a description.

4. Customize as desired, such as placing it in an existing collection, adding properties, numerical progress data and graphs, and setting content impressions to the public.

5. Select the blockchain you want to use for NFT. Blockchain is the basic technology that allows recording of transactions. Opensea provides blockchain options Ethereum with ETH tokens, Polygon with MATIC tokens, and Klatyn with KLAY tokens. For information, Ghozali Everyday is known to withdraw his money from ETH tokens.

6. Return to the main page, select the profile picture icon in the upper right, and click Profile

7. Select the NFT you will sell from the Wallet.

8. Click Sell in the upper right.

9. On the Listing Page, select the price and type of sale. Fixed Price is a type of sale at a fixed price. Meanwhile, Timed Auction is a type of sale with a timed auction.

10. If you select Timed Auction, set the sale time with options of 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, or any other number of days.

11. When selling, you can offer several items at once from different collections or groups.

12. If you want to sell NFT specifically for one buyer, copy and paste the address into the Reserve for Specific Buyer column.

13. From the selling options above, different potential costs will emerge. For example, with a price of 1 ETH, a duration of 6 months, set up for a specific buyer, there will be a 2.5% Service Fee and a 10% Creator Royalty. This 12.5% ​​total is the highest percentage OpenSea can deduct for the sale of an NFT on its platform.

14. Complete the sale by signing the transaction so OpenSea can sell the NFT work on your behalf.

It should be noted, for the first sale, an owner of an NFT work on OpenSea is charged a transaction fee called Gas Fee for account initialization and item access. If you don’t want to be hit by a Gas Fee, OpenSea suggests selling with Polygon instead of Ethereum.

If you are using the auction method for the first time, you must use the WETH currency, which has the same value as ETH. After the delivery process to the sales page is complete, a pop-up confirmation will appear. Share on social media to get more people to buy your NFT works.

To view NFT works that you have published for sale, return to your profile page and select the Activity tab. Well, so I’m not confused anymore, how to sell NFT works like Ghozali Everyday on OpenSea. Are you interested in selling your work as an NFT?

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