How to Send Large Videos on WhatsApp: A Step-by-Step Guide

WhatsApp It is the most popular instant messaging application, so it is equipped with many functions that help us share files, photos, videos, documents, etc., in a very simple way.

However, some new or old functions fall short for the needs of users, such a case applies to videos, because by default WhatsApp It doesn’t let you send if they weigh more than 16MB so they always end up being cut. Fortunately, there is a way to send long or very heavy videos within the same application and without having to install anything else on our smartphone. Here’s how you can send large files by WhatsApp.

How to send videos and large files from WhatsApp?

Although sending videos is limited to 16 MB, sending files is not limited in size or file type. That is, we can send documents, photos, music, videos or any type of file. And this is where we are going to take advantage of this function of the same application to send longer videos. What we have to do is the following:

In the chat to which we want to send the video, we will have to press the clip icon that is next to the text box at the bottom right and then press the “documents” option. On the next screen we navigate to the folder where we have the video or file that we want to send, select it and click on the “send” button. As you will see in the image, the file weighs 201 MB, which will be sent without problems.

Why can’t you send long videos on WhatsApp?

The explanation given by the same official WhatsApp page is the following: “If you send a video from the reel, you can only send 16 MB. On most mobile phones, this is equivalent to between 90 seconds and 3 minutes of video. If you choose a video larger than 16 MB, you will have the option to trim it before sending it.”

This is due to a limitation that the WhatsApp application itself incorporates by default. But this can be fixed with the simple steps outlined above.

2023-05-25 21:45:48

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