How to transfer your Spotify playlists to YouTube and Apple Music?

Thanks to the different applications and streaming services, music is available to anyone with a smart device.

However, the great offer of platforms that provide music content via streaming it is also a problem when the user you want to move your favorite playlists between different apps.

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However, there is already an option to have the music lists automatically and especially when they are shared from an iPhone or an iPad.

How to transfer your Spotify playlists to YouTube and Apple Music?

Thanks to the app SongShift (available on iOS), the user can migrate your favorite songs between platforms like YouTube Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Music y Spotify. In this way it is possible to have the same playlist in different streaming music services.

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Best of all, this service is completely free, below we explain how to use this platform from an iOS device:

  • Download SongShift from the App Store
  • Login to your applications music via streaming, the origin and the destination
  • Press the symbol “+” to add a listing “Shift
  • Then you must select the origin of the playlist
  • Choose the playlist of your interest and press “Done
  • The application will show the Shift created and when pressing “I’ve finished”, The migration process will begin
  • The app will analyze the tracks and then you must click on “Review”

After carrying out this process, the user only has to verify that all the songs from his playlist were successfully exported.

How does the SongShift app work?

This application analyzes each song in a playlist and the search streaming services, subsequently match the matches and generate the new playlist.

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However, the only drawback of this platform is that for to migrate a new playlist it is necessary to delete the ‘shift’ which was previously created and then you need to rcarry out the process described above.