How to travel outside Europe? Minister Petříček described the rules for tourists

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Experts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented on Monday on this year’s specific summer tourist season, which is marked by the coronavirus epidemic.

On Monday, the European Union is due to address a list of safe countries, on which the individual member states will then be based. At the press conference, it was stated that the Czechia will choose about ten countries from different continents from the list.

“We are currently finalizing negotiations within the EU on which third countries will open up to our citizens. It should definitely be clear during Tuesday. I welcome the fact that the EU is ready to take over our disease risk assessment system in these countries,” said Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček. (CSSD).

Even this year, there will be a consular office in the most popular resorts. From July 1, these offices will start operating in Split, Croatia, and Burgas, Bulgaria. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is ready to open an office in Rijeka if you are interested in traveling to the north of Croatia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has previously introduced a so-called traffic light, according to which Czechs can travel and return. Only on arrival from countries marked in red on the map, they must undergo a coronavirus test or a 14-day quarantine.

However, each of the countries determines the rules for entry itself. Even though the state will be marked in green on the map of the ministry, it does not necessarily mean that you can get to it without restriction. You can find the rules in each country here.

See the full press conference record here:



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