How to treat a sunburn?

The first degree burn is due to vasodilation of the superficial skin vessels. When pressing on it, the redness disappears; The superficial second-degree burn leads to the appearance of blisters filled with a transparent liquid and surrounded by a red area; The deep second-degree burn is more serious. The floor of the blisters is pale because the blood vessels have been destroyed. The nerve endings were burnt so the pain is weak. What reflexes in case of sunburn?

It is possible to take care of sunburn yourself if the burn is superficial first or second degree. First of all, cool the burned area with tap water (between 15 ° C and 25 ° C), about 15 minutes, until the pain is completely gone, or take a lukewarm, not cold bath if the burned area is extensive.

In the event of a first degree burn, apply in thick layers a calming and moisturizing ointment (type Biafine®). It will allow better healing.

For superficial second degree burns, extra care should be taken to avoid infection. So, clean the burnt areas with soap, with a dermal antiseptic.

Finally, in general:

Cover yourself to avoid any contact between the skin and the outside; Drink plenty to hydrate yourself (and hydrate your skin); Monitor your temperature; In case of headaches, take a pain reliever.

Medical advice may be needed if your sunburn covers more than 10% of your total body surface. Or if the blisters are more than 3 centimeters in diameter, if they affect sensitive areas (hands, genitals), if there are signs of infection of the skin (increased redness, pain, swelling or presence of pus), if you have a headache with confusion, weakness or dizziness, or if you have eye pain and cannot stand the light.

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