How to treat burns so as not to scar

Jakarta: Burns like to make nervous. This is because you are afraid that there will be marks that appear afterwards. But this can be reduced by taking appropriate action.

Proper first aid

dr. Sandi Perutama Gani, Medical Expert Combiphar said that the first thing you need to do is apply proper first aid.

“If I position myself as a layman, what’s important is that his first aid is correct. This is because first aid determines what the wound will be like. When taken to the hospital it will usually make it easier and faster to cure the patients themselves, “he said in the Combiphar Webinar with the Theme of Risk of Burning Sores Daily at Home, Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

When using toothpaste, oil and so on, the risk of scars will be higher because the burn is hot, we must dispose of the heat first. If trapped the heat will cause prolonged inflammation and inflammation.





What do you think of this article?

“This will cause scars. So the point is not to prolong inflammation,” he said.

The thing you need to do

Wash the affected area with running water for 10-20 minutes, then dry
Apply a thin burn ointment about 1mm thick, every 4-6 hours.

Can burn scars that used to disappear?

dr. Sandi says that old wounds cannot be removed. Therefore, make sure you treat the burn correctly right at the beginning so the scar can get thinner.

“Medically it’s a bit difficult maybe it’s best to be disguised but if it goes back to the original condition my answer no, “He replied.



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