How to turn UAZ “Pickup” into a dream car

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The market offers turnkey solutions that make it possible to unleash the potential of an SUV.

The Ulyanovsk truck is rather boring, and Russian motorists, being amateurs to go out into the countryside and drive off-road, will agree with this. However, more and more products are appearing on the market that make UAZ Pickup a dream car.

An example of this is the “Bear” kits, which are designed strictly for UAZ “Pickup”. This means that nothing will have to be “collective farmed” in the car, everything is ready for installation and adjusted for this.

So, there is a kit that provides for UAZ “Pickup” the installation of “nishtyak” essentials: larger wheels, snorkel, basic kung without side windows, aluminum sheathing of the cargo platform, roof racks and kung racks, an enlarged “reserve” bracket under the bottom and tailgate with organizer. It will cost about 130 thousand rubles, and this price can not be called popular, but those who decided to prepare the car for outdoor activities are ready for this.

And if you have enough money, then you can go beyond the listed “goodies”. The appearance of the UAZ “Pickup” can be transformed due to the body kit, and it will be not just decoration, but also protection. For example, brutal front (with optics) and a rear bumper, extended wheel arches with wings, as well as protection of steering rods will cost about 100 thousand rubles.

Total, for 230 thousand rubles it turns out quite a boring UAZ “Pickup”, the functionality of which opens up new horizons for him, and the appearance of the car will make passersby turn around. With such a handsome “Russian Prado” you can not wait, but go to the “secondary”, find a pickup truck (you can find a good one for 600 thousand rubles), and make a wheelbarrow out of it for the soul.



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