How to understand and grasp the signs of suffering of the liver and what not to underestimate

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Il Human Body it certainly is very complex and often we don’t realize it, but it’s actually a lot important to keep under control everything about it or at least take more precautions possible to avoid getting sick.

In fact, there are many aspects not to be underestimated and among the organs that they deserve Attentioneven if it is not always taken into consideration, there is certainly the liverwhich is very important for ours personal well-being.

So let’s see how to understand when there is something wrong and what to avoid.

Here are all the symptoms that represent an alarm bell

Let’s start first of all signals which should immediately make us understand that maybe something is wrong, of course without panicking but simply by doing the appropriate checks. I main symptoms therefore they are:

  • sense of tiredness and fatigue;

  • lost of appetite and weight;

  • nuisance in the upper part of the abdomen on the right;

  • tendency to lose more easily nosebleeds or procure bruises;

  • ache abdominal e swelling which in the most serious cases can become ascites (accumulation of fluid in the belly);

  • edema (swollen ankles and legs);

  • jaundice (eyes and skin turning yellow) and different color of urine (darker) e I did (brighter);

  • itch spread to different parts of the body;

  • neurological disorders (such as sleep and memory loss or sudden personality change).

How to take care of the liver: the causes of its malaise

We have seen the main symptoms, but it is important to understand them too why they show upso what are the most recurring causes and what can be done. Indeed it cannot always be avoided of making your liver ill, but in some cases this can be avoided taking the necessary precautions.

Let’s start with first of all 4 types of causes which can be divided into:

  • infectioussuch as hepatitis A, B and C (can be contracted through unprotected sex, contaminated food products or contact with fluids from infected patients);

  • immunesuch as autoimmune hepatitis or primary biliary cirrhosis;

  • geneticssuch as Wilson’s disease or hemochromatosis;

  • canceroussuch as liver cancer or biliary tract cancer.

Beyond that, though, they exist other types of causeswhich can be divided into substance abuse such as alcohol and medicines or accumulation of fat in the liver. Therefore it is very important for the health of this organ do not take a large amount of substances harmful to our body e lead a healthy lifestyle.

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