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Lto old “costume fitting” despite emancipation it is still scary. The call of the “perfect body” to be exhibited on the beach becomes the nightmare and theobsession for many people. Getting fit often means succumb to the devilish supplement trap. They promise enviable silhouettes quickly, but frequently the information stated on the label does not correspond to the truth and sometimes the ingredients are illegal. It is easy to find articles online that do not comply with the law or do not have complete indications of the content. The independent organization Other consumption tested 30 slimming supplements in the laboratory and highlighted numerous anomalies. About 80% of the products analyzed lie.

What are they hiding?

To lose weight, one would sometimes sell one’s soul to the devil. However, it is important to know the content of the chosen supplements thoroughly and to avoid the ingestion of harmful products. Purchases are often made on the web, on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba / Aliexpress, Wish and other platforms, where you can find pills from foreign countries, even outside the EU. From the analyzes carried out, there is a trace of amphetamine and salicylic acidin other cases they are missing completely le active substances declared on the label. The consumer is “Cheated” also from fake positive reviews of products that emphasize thesuper slimming effect of supplements.

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Amphetamines to inhibit hunger

A supplement cannot contain drugs and cannot be marketed to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure diseases.Among the most worrying substances, within the slimming products selected by the Altroconsumo organization, l’amphetaminil. It is an illegal drug for the dietary supplements it contains amphetamine con anorectic action (i.e. able to reduce appetite) and psychostimulant, used in the 1970s for obesity, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and narcolepsy. It is currently in disuse due to the strong addiction which can develop. Amphetamines, classified as narcoticsare also prohibited in pharmaceutical products for weight loss.

What else?

Among ingredients of slimming “potions” there is also a trace of a Pausinystalia yohimbe plant extract banned in Europe for its possible harmful effects, including increased blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety states. In some products, thesalicylic acida substance that it is used on the skin (especially for psoriasis and acne) exclusively for external use and that cannot be swallowed.

Weight loss supplements: what to look out for before buying them

Weight loss supplements: what to look out for before buying them

Unregulated labels

Even the labels of the products analyzed (except one) circumvent legal obligations. Offenses include the lack of mandatory information, the presence of misleading and not allowed indications, such as the term “Helps burn fat” or “reduces appetite”. The results of this investigation were sent to Ministry of Health and to online platforms to step up the controls.

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How to recognize dangerous supplements?

To buy a supplement online, it is better to use a few precautions. Beware of the presence of Required Information: the name “food supplement”, the name of the categories of substances that characterize the product, their quantity referred to the recommended daily dose, the warning not to exceed the doses, name and address of the manufacturer or distributor. This information must be indicated in Italian and easily understood. It is advisable use reliable sites for purchases, in which the seller is identifiable and can be verified also the opinion of other users. Finally avoid sites with grammatical errors obvious, automatic and product translations a prices too low.