How to upload photos and videos from computers to Instagram?

  • The application is also working on including the «Collabs» function so that the same publication is available in more than one profile | Image: Getty Images / Archive.

Since June 2021, Instagram launched a feature to upload both photos and videos from the web-based version of the application; however, it was limited for certain users. Now, a few days before the end of October, the social network enabled the news for all users.

Once the user has his browser open, preferably on the computer (PC, computer, computer), he must enter the Instagram website. Then, enter your username and password to access your account.

After logging in, the user will have to click on a new button with the + symbol, located in the upper right corner. After that, a screen will appear with two options: select the photos or videos from the PC or select and drag the file to the web screen to start uploading.

Size, filter and edition are some of the modifiable options to later place description, person labels and location. All this, as in the app of the smartphones, it’s optional. The last step is to click share the post.

The process to publish content on computers is intuitive and practically the same as that used for the mobile version.

Instagram | Photo: File / Reference.

Other Instagram news

The company, owned by Facebook since 2012, will also incorporate other functions in the coming days. One of them is Collabs (Collaborations), through which users can share their content in the feed and in the reels with others, so that both profiles can show the same post.

Followers of both profiles will be able to see the same photo or video on their respective profiles. Therefore, the “Likes” and comments that the publication receives with the Collabs function will be added together and will appear from both profiles.

Alexandru Voica, spokesperson for technology communication for Facebook, the parent company, explained that before sharing any material that has a “collaborator”, a request must be sent to the other person from the tag screen and, once accepted, it will appear also in your profile.

Another novelty that Instagram is working on is the creation of events by non-profit organizations to raise funds necessary to continue with projects and social work.

Also, two new options will be included for videos with music. The first, called “superbeat”, will show special effects that will vary along with the changes in the melody of the song; the second, “dynamic lyrics”, will place the lyrics of the song (if it has and recognizes it), which will move.

The evolution of Instagram

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Smartphones | Foto: Getty Images / Archivo.

On October 6 of this year, the application celebrated 11 years since its creation. With more than 1,221 million active users, it is currently the most popular photo and video social network in the world.

When it started in 2010, it was only available to Apple. However, two years later a version for Android was developed due to the high demand it received. That same year it was acquired by the network of Mark Zuckerberg, creator and owner of Facebook.

In 2018 IGTV was incorporated, increasing the duration of the videos (previously preset at a maximum of one minute), something that the public had asked for for a long time and that significantly improved the amount of instagrammers.

Despite his great achievements, he has recently faced difficult times for the brand. An analysis of Facebook revealed that Instagram has caused psychological damage in its youth users, especially the female gender. He had access to this research The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), a medium that published an article about it and generated many criticisms of the social network.

The company argued that it was aware of the unintended negative effects it had generated and that it was working on it; however, he added that the article by WSJ it was biased and did not show the entire scenario, such as the positive contributions of Instagram to society.

The problem he faced escalated in such a way that he had to indefinitely postpone the launch of his version for children (under 13 years of age), “Instagram Kids”, whose premiere was scheduled for the next few months.

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