How to use Instafest: The app that creates a line up with your favorite Spotify artists | Technology

Instafest is causing a furor on social networks. It is a mobile application that, through technology, detects your most played groups and artists on Spotify. With the data, the app puts together a poster, or line up, for a fictitious music festival, based only on your tastes, to which you can modify the design, duration and order.

The dream of many is to be able to build the line up of a festival of music with the names of your favorite artists, something that is now possible, thanks to an application called Instafest that works with your Spotify playlists.

And, what is the best? That you can share it on your social networks, as if it were a real poster. In BioBioChile We explain how to do it.

What is Instafest and how does it work?

Like every December, users of Spotify They wait for the end of the year to find out and share on social networks, which are the most listened to songs and artists in the last 365 days.

This time, the technology went further, thanks to the magic of a new app called Instafestwhich creates a line upbased on your music preferences.

Thus, thanks to the advancement of technology and the use of artificial intelligence, you can have and share through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, the poster of a music festival armed 100% to your liking.

How to use the app and create a line up?

To activate it and know what the line up of a concert made to your needs, you must enter the Instafest website, and log in with your username Spotify.

With the credentials, the app will generate a poster with a festival that will show the main artists that you listen to. The same platform will give you the option to share it through social networks.

As stated, you cannot choose the musicians, as this is done by the app itself. But you can choose the name and duration of the event, as well as the order and design of the poster.