“How to use” Trump learned by the Republican Party in the Virginia Governor’s election victory Is there a counterattack of Trump in the mid-term elections with the Biden administration fluttering (1/4) | JBpress

Is there a counterattack by Trump in the midterm elections with the sluggish Biden administration?

Republican supporters confident and pleased with Young King’s victory (Photo: Reuters / Aflo)

Republican candidates won the elections for the Governor, Vice-Governor, and Attorney General in Virginia on November 3. In addition to the success of the Republican election strategy, which has been rebuilding for the midterm elections, dissatisfaction with the Biden administration, which is slow in internal affairs such as the turmoil within the Democratic Party under the federal budget bill, led to the Republican’s three consecutive victories. It was.

The Japanese media has focused on the governor’s election and blamed Young King’s tactic of moving away from Mr. Trump and attracting independents as the reason for the victory. But more importantly, a black immigrant woman who was a strong Trump supporter in Virginia became the first vice-governor, and a man who grew up in a poor family defeated a Democratic white candidate for a third term. Became the first Latin Justice Secretary.

At the same time, the Republican Party’s three consecutive victories mean that the Democratic Party’s anti-Trump election strategy has come to an end.

Most notable is the birth of the Jamaican immigrant vice-governor

MSNBC commentator (Joy Reed), who saw the breaking news about the election of all three Republicans, said that the victory of white-centered people was “dangerous” for the nation and abandoned it. ..

But the birth of a new Vice-Governor, Winsam Sears, a black man, an immigrant from Jamaica (not a child of immigrants), a mother with three children, a business woman, and a Navy veteran, is a Trump supporter. Who in the United States has the idea of ​​connecting to a white-centered world just because it is?

This was immediately questioned by SNS and Internet media, and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (Republican Party) suggested that Sears and Reed discuss in public.

Winsome Sears becomes Vice Governor of Virginia. A Jamaican immigrant mother with three children. She, who is also a veteran of the U.S. Navy, did not accept the criticism of Trump that the Democratic Party relied on (Photo: Reuters / Aflo).



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