Romania has been the target of actions of military espionage alien. A serb paramilitary, which fought in the Crimea and Dombas of the pro-Russian separatists, was captured while spying on the NATO base at Mihail Kogalniceanu. The spy now has the ban to enter in Romania for 15 years.

the Court of Appeal of Bucharest ordered, yesterday, the extent of declaring as unfit, for reasons of national security, his Bratislav Zivkovic (42 years old), a Serbian citizen. This after Zivkovic was monitored by the Romanian Intelligence Service while he collected information from the NATO base at Mihail Kogalniceanu (Constanta), but also about the system of radars on the Black Sea coast.

security Specialists say that membership in NATO could turn Romania into a target for foreign-intelligence services.

“we’re the country NATO and that places us in the sphere of attention of the Russian Federation. Not only from the military point of view, but also economic, diplomatic. Russia leads a war against the whole of Europe, not only against Romania or Poland. Russia is present in all the actions that are designed to destabilize the governments in the European Union and collect military information. Especially now when NATO move to a new model of organization, after the Cold War. It is a major concern for the structures of the Romanian military who are part of the gears of NATO. We are a target not only for missiles Iskander Russian in Crimea, but also for spying on the Russian,“ explained the retired general Alexandru Grumaz.

In turn, Costin Georgescu, a former director of SRI, said that Romanian intelligence services are prepared to counter such actions.

“the Stake is very high, and the attention of some in the East is increased. SRI is well organized on three important issues: cotraspionajul, the issue of ctu and protection against cyber attacks. We are well prepared, but anyway in these operations cooperates with partner services, in particular those of NATO,“ said Costin Georgescu.

Stalking the facilities of NATO in Romania

According to the Romanian authorities that they intercepted, Bratislav Zivkovic tried to put up a network informative for the identification of persons with access to the military facilities of NATO and the US, identifying the location, recognition in the field, the study of lens and marking GPS positions of the objectives.

“All the actions it carried out in Romania have had a character clandestine and a modus operandi specific espionage activities. Ratislav Zivkovic know including to use the communication systems encrypted and anonymised”, they explained in front of the magistrates, the representatives of the SRI that have asked for it to be said idezirabil.

Expert in national security Hari Bucur Marcu says, however, that the secrets of the Romanian military are well guarded and can’t be spied on “over the fence”.

“Are the secret items in the edifice of national defence, but they are very well kept. Installations for the surface of the Kogălniceanu or Read it to see it from satellite. You don’t have someone to come and take pictures over the fence. For more than 10 years, the Russian Federation considers us a threat, because we are part of NATO,“ the expert explained.

Five espionage operations

Bratislav Zivkovic lives in Bulgaria and had five entries on the territory of Romania, in the months of may, July, October, and November 2017.

In 2017, Bratislav Zivkovic arrived at Constanta in the Ukraine, moving on the route Lugansk (Ukraine) – Moscow (Russia) – Budapest (by plane), Budapest – Bucharest – Constanta (by train).

In July 2017, Zivkovic came to Constanta in Bulgaria to prepare the ground for the fulfilment of objectives at proxima’s visit: observation and marking systems of the radar located at the Black Sea and the obtaining of details of the interior on the military base Mihail Kogalniceanu.

In October the citizen Serbian made two other visits in Romania. He arrived in Constanta all in Bulgaria, trying to recruit more people. The second visit was focused on the recognition in the field (photographing and marking GPS) two radar installations, located at the shores of the Black Sea.

In November 2017, Bratislav Zivkovic came and Constanta, Bulgaria. The visit was aimed at photography documentation of construction of a radar system installed in Sfântu Gheorghe.

At the end of each visit, serbia has drafted a report which he sent through a channel anonymised and protected by its coordinator.

war Criminal in Ukraine

Bratislav Zivkovic is a character known in Serbia, and not only. He is the commander of the organization of chetniks in Serbia, “Cetniciki Pokret”, also known as a paramilitary with the guidelines nationalist-chauvinist. Military career, Bratislav Zivkovic participated in all armed conflicts in the area (Bosnia, Kosovo, Ukraine), receiving, for the work done, four decorations of the Russian Federation.

At 26 years old, Bratislav Zivkovic joined, as a volunteer, in the conflict between Bosnia and Herzegovina. At 28 years old, joined the Brigade 63 and fought in the conflict Bosnia. A year later, at 29 years old, he worked in Croatia. Between 1998-1999 he worked in Kosovo and Metohija.

In the period 2014 – 2015, Zivkovic participated in the conflict in Ukraine by the Russian forces, along with volunteers of the Movement Chetnik.

He participated actively in the fighting in the Donbass region (Ukraine). Including in the year 2017, Zivkovic has been in the neighborhood of Lugansk, and in the period April-may 2017-located in the city of Donetsk.

for this reason, he is on the list of war criminals published by the “Centre for research of crimes against national security of Ukraine, peace, humanity and international law to inform law enforcement authorities and special services on the terrorist pro-russians, separatists, mercenaries and war criminals”.

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serb Paramilitary, who was spying on the NATO base at Mihail Kogalniceanu, declared as an undesirable person in Romania

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