how was your baby’s photo to relive that was full of fear

Carolina Cruz has shown the sensitivity she has around the health of her youngest son, Salvador, for whom she recently cried on the air on Colombian television when she recounted the experiences that the minor has gone through.

The Valle del Cauca, as did the boy’s father recently, actor Lincoln Palomeque, has been proud of the little boy through multiple publications on his social networks.

This is how the presenter published a postcard on her personal Instagram account, in which she has more than 6.7 million followers, where she revived the fear she felt at a hard time for the child, when they learned details of the diagnosis of his health .

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Carolina Cruz: how was a photo of her baby to relive that she was full of fear

The host of the program ‘Día a día’, on Canal Caracol, appeared lying next to her child in that image, with which she recalled the feeling she was going through at that time.

“This photo was when this journey filled with learning and gratitude began. You and me, on Mother’s Day at the clinic. I was full of fear, but with the certainty and faith that with the hand of God and in his time everything would be fine, “she said.

The ex-queen from Valle del Cauca explained in that same message the motivations she had for presenting this postcard, from the time when she made public the medical situation of her youngest son.

“I want to dedicate this photo to all the moms who are currently experiencing something similar, send them a hug full of strength and love. When we go through situations like this, people always ask about the little ones, but they never ask moms how we are. Mothers and families need strength, attention and care to bring up these powerful little ones, ”she assured.

This was the publication that the Valle del Cauca presenter made from her social networks about the memories she had with a postcard in which she is with her youngest son.

Instagram @carolinacruzosorio
Instagram @carolinacruzosorio