How well do AstraZeneca, Biontech & Co. protect us against corona mutation?

26. June 2021 – 10:23 Clock

Delta variant and the vaccines: do we have to worry now?

A summer with hopefully low incidence values, holidays and a high vaccination rate: You could hardly see the glimmer of Corona hope on the horizon more clearly at the moment. If it weren’t for the rapid expansion of the delta variant, which could thwart our plans.

Will the protection of the corona vaccinations still exist? Or do we have to worry that vaccinating the nasty mutation might not bring anything? So it is with the protection of the individual vaccines.

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No need to panic (yet)

England is extending the corona lockdown and things are looking a bit bleak for us too: The coronavirus variant “Delta”, which was first discovered in India, has more than doubled its share of new Sars-CoV-2 infections in Germany within a week. But (still) no need to panic, luckily we still have the vaccines from AstraZeneca, Moderna and Co. And: It has been said in the past few weeks that the various vaccines not only protect against Covid 19 disease, but also also against the new virus mutations.

So the good news remains: In principle, the vaccines still significantly reduce the risk of serious illness from the Delta variant.

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AstraZeneca: vaccinated against Delta?

AstraZeneca protects against the Delta variant.

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A full vaccination with AstraZeneca prevents serious disease progression after a corona infection by up to 92 percent. This is also shown by a new study by the British health authority Public Health England (PHE). However, it is particularly important to keep both vaccination appointments in order to receive full vaccination protection. One dose alone is not enough.

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The effectiveness of the vaccine especially against the delta mutant is around 60 percent. For comparison: According to the study, protection against the alpha variant is 66 percent.

Biontech vaccine: new information gives the all-clear

First vaccinations in the Unterallgäu Corona vaccination center in Bad Wörishofen, in the former furniture store in the industrial area.  Pfizer-Biontech vaccine is available in the cabin for vaccination to the patients, in ready-to-use disposable fuel

The vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer is also effective against Delta.

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According to a company representative, the Biontech / Pfizer corona vaccine is said to have a very high level of effectiveness against the Delta variant: Pfizer’s medical director, Alon Rappaport, informed the Israeli army radio that so far everything has indicated that the vaccine will be released could prevent around 90 percent Covid-19. This is evident from the data available so far.

As the British health authority Public Health England announced, vaccination with Biontech / Pfizer would prevent severe disease progression with the Delta variant as effectively as with the Alpha variant. The full vaccination protection of two vaccination doses prevents inpatient treatment in the hospital in 96 percent of the cases with variant B.1.617.2.

A study published by the UK health authorities at the end of May comes to similar results for less severe forms of the disease. Accordingly, two weeks after the second dose, the Biontech / Pfizer vaccine is 88 percent effective against symptomatic Covid-19 disease triggered by the Delta variant. For comparison: the Alpha variant is 93 percent.

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Here’s what the Johnson & Johnson vaccine does

A syringe of Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

What about the one-time Johnson & Johnson vaccination?

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Since the delta variant of the coronavirus has only recently been rampant, results are not yet available for every vaccine available in Germany with regard to effectiveness. Therefore, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine must also be further investigated with regard to the novel mutation. However, the first expert assessments are also positive here.

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Protection against Delta variant also with Moderna

More detailed investigations are also pending for the vaccine Moderna. According to a study, however, this vaccine should also work against the mutant.

Anthony Fauci, immunologist and chief medical advisor to US President Joe Biden, was also very optimistic recently. In an interview with the Washington Post, he revealed that he assumed that the preparation from Moderna offered a similar level of protection as that from Biontech / Pfizer. The reason: the two vaccines are both based on the same mRNA technology. (vdü, rts)

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