How will Brexit affect the regional economy?

In the face of war and pandemic worries, Brexit, i.e. the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, has disappeared from the headlines. However, as the current dispute over Northern Ireland shows, the associated problems have by no means been resolved. For this reason, this time the “European Salon” is investigating the effects that the downsizing of the domestic market has and could have on the regional economy. The Villa Weingärtner has invited NRW Economics Minister Andreas Pinkwart as a competent discussion partner. Preparing for Brexit and dealing with the consequences have been a focus of his political work in recent years due to the particularly close ties between North Rhine-Westphalia and the British economy. The evening (June 8, admission from 5:30 p.m., beginning at 6 p.m.) continues the “European Salon” series in the Villa Weingärtner in Unkel-Scheuren (Scheurener Str. 25). The FDP politician will speak about the political and economic impact of Great Britain’s exit from the European Union for NRW and beyond. Other issues such as the outcome of the recent state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia will also be discussed. Business journalist Konrad Handschuch will moderate the discussion. As always, there is plenty of room for the audience to ask questions.

The organizer Daniela Weingärtner accepts registrations for this European Salon by email at [email protected] You can also use this e-mail address to be included in the Villa Weingärtner event mailing list.

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