How Yves R. hid from the police – details

The police searched for Yves R. for days after he disarmed and escaped four forces. Now there are new details of how the 31-year-old hid from the police.

The police have released new information about the spectacular escape of Yves R., who was arrested after a day-long manhunt in the Black Forest. The 31-year-old is said to have moved through the woods near Oppenau mainly at night during his six-day escape, the police reported on Wednesday.

During the day he sought shelter in pits and holes in the ground. R. had mostly fed on water. R. had four guns taken off during a police check. He stated that he hurriedly packed up the essentials and fled to the forest. He didn’t take any provisions with him.

Investigators believe that R. didn’t notice the search

The investigators assume that R. was not aware of the great interest in his escape across Germany. He deactivated his cell phone so that it could not be located. However, he had already noticed a police helicopter on Sunday when he had disarmed the police and concluded that he was searching for himself.

According to the police, the document found when he was arrested by R. is a personal letter to his relatives, which he wrote in the event that something should happen to him while escaping. R. had not suffered any notable injuries when he was arrested last Friday and was liable, the arrest warrant against him has now been enforced.

Comprehensive statement

The search of R.’s garden shed and the forest area revealed no new evidence, the searches have now been completed. After R. first testified extensively after his arrest, he now exercised his right to remain silent on the advice of his defense lawyers.

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Since he injured an officer with an ax when he was arrested, the public prosecutor’s office is investigating suspected physical assault on law enforcement officers in dangerous physical harm.