HR marketing at the service of tourism companies

Earlier this year, I shared with you an article about labor shortage, marketing and tourism. Today, I would like to go further on one of the points raised in this article, namely the deployment of a employer brand (employer branding) strong, particularly through digital communications. Here are some good practices observed by destinations and companies in order to highlight the advantages and benefits of working in their organization.

Different approaches to promote your employer brand

1. Illustrate an advantage or benefit

Does your company do things differently and, in particular, offer a 4-day work week? It’s good. But it’s even better to show it or express it in an offbeat way. Saying it is not enough. People like to project themselves and imagine this benefit in a concrete way. Posting on Facebook with man’s best friend and a hearty fire…they got it, at Boulangerie St-Donat!

Example of publication on the Facebook page of the Saint-Donat Bakery

2. Show the mood at work

Most organizations will tell you it’s fun to work there, of course. No one will say the opposite, we suspect it. But here again, a picture is worth a thousand words… and a video is worth a million, or almost, right? Do not hesitate to show the working atmosphere and the people in action. A platform of choice for doing this is increasingly TikTok which, through its playfulness, offbeat trends and the use of current music, often manages better to illustrate the desired message.

3. Show team spirit, outside the walls

But it’s not just the job in life, huh? We like to participate in volunteer activities on evenings and weekends, or participate in sports or charity competitions, for example. Not to mention the annual picnic, the nice BBQ or the employee Christmas party. If your organization takes part in this kind of activity, why not share it via social media?

The Hotel Chateau Laurier, in Quebec, uses stories on Instagram to show Christmas parties from previous years… or even yoga classes offered to employees!

Another good example, on the side of the Facebook page Les Soeurs Clément, catering service from the Maskinongé region, in Quebec.

Going out for a drink? This is a fine example of team spirit, of conviviality, which expresses a lot in a single image…

4. Highlight your employees

McDonald’s restaurants innovated in the 70s and 80s with their concept of employee of the month. A prominent member of the team who had distinguished himself during the previous month was thus shown, with a framed photo in full view of all the employees and consumers of a restaurant.

Today, it is through social media that we can show our appreciation to a person. Whether it is to mark an anniversary or an accomplishment, it is a mark of empathy that helps shape the feeling of belonging that one will have (or not) with an organization, and especially with colleagues and superiors. .

Example of a Linkedin post, highlighting the 5 years of service of an employee with Tourisme Cantons-de-l’Est

This kind of publication can of course go both ways, and you will want to be sure to obtain the permission of the people concerned before publishing. Not everyone is comfortable with being “exposed” on social media, but in general it’s a welcome move, especially when it comes to praise. or rewards, in particular.

Facebook post of Jaro Hotels in Quebec.

The post above is particularly effective in two ways. Not only do we put forward an employee known to the company – we also notice the high level of interactions on such a publication – but we contribute to the positioning of the employer. In this case, it highlights the fact that you can start at the bottom of the ladder and move up the ladder and pursue a long career in the organization. In short, several subtle messages, under the guise of highlighting a teammate appreciated by his peers.

5. Use your employees as ambassadors

Now, we know that despite all the efforts and publications promoting your company, it is no longer as simple as before to collect applications during a job posting. No matter how much you create a “Careers” or “Jobs” section on the website, pay to post these positions on specialized sites and share them on the company’s official accounts on various social media, the result is often uneven.

However, we underestimate the contribution of our current employees, as well as suppliers and partners. Do not hesitate to solicit your immediate network by inviting them to share certain sensitive postings. These shares are more likely to be successful because they come from a credible source in our network, rather than a paid post or official publication.

Example of publication seen on Linkedin, relayed and/or liked by people in my network.

BONUS: Don’t forget your newsletter!

A final tool that I would like to mention is the consumer newsletter that you most likely use, but only to convey your latest offers, activities or promotions in the region or your establishment. Finally, I notice that some companies have understood that “consumers” and “employees” are not mutually exclusive and that the two can be complementary on certain occasions.

I am thus subscribed to a few newsletters from restaurants, hotels, destinations and other tourist service providers. And some don’t hesitate to mention the positions available in their organization… between two topos about the most recent promotional offers!

Example of a newsletter dedicated to recruitment… but sent to the PAL+ subscriber base, near Magog, Quebec.

During the summer, for example, I received this newsletter (see above) from PAL+, which operates a boat on Lake Memphremagog, as well as a hotel and various restaurants. However, as a consumer, I might be interested in sharing with people in my network who are in the hotel and restaurant business. Will the open and click rates be better or worse than traditional subscriber mailings? We have to see the results, but one thing is certain: we are banking on a new channel to promote applications and try to overcome the labor shortage by the same token.

Continuous work

Of course, these are just a few examples and I’m sure you’ve certainly seen some great initiatives in your social networks over the past few months. Feel free to share it in the comments below. Who knows, I might use them for my workshop in Pau next month… 🙂

The important thing here is to emphasize that shaping an employer brand is a long-term process, which requires long-term work. Too often, I see very original initiatives at the start of the summer season, to recruit for the summer. Then, then… well, then nothing! Subsequently, the publications become promotional again and we forget to put forward a storytelling of the brand. As much with the consumer as with the current or potential employee.

Finally, next month I will have the pleasure of joining an international delegation in Nice, on the occasion of the 9th Meeting of Francophonies for Innovation in Tourism (RFIT). The subject will be precisely the human transformations at the heart of our companies and destinations! I also invite you to read the article by my friend Brice Duthion on the subject.

Are we continuing the conversation in Pau for the ET19s or in Nice for the RFIT9s?