There are no unplanned delays due to HS2 track problems, claims the company that built the high-speed rail.

In the UK, infrastructure monitoring equipment such as video, laser and acoustics sensors will be installed in passenger trains for the first time to assess the condition of rail and overhead cables.

The engineers analyze the data in real time. This means that they can detect problems and perform maintenance before the punctuality of the £ 55.7 billion rail is compromised, HS2 Ltd. said.

A spokesperson for the government-sponsored company said it would "make the emergency work, speed limits and unplanned delays on the new line a thing of the past".

Nearly a million (999,715) minutes were lost in 2017/18 due to delays due to track problems across the UK rail network, according to the Press Association analysis of the Office of Rail and Road data.

This was approximately 7% of the total number of delay minutes.

Passenger services are not equipped with monitoring devices. State-owned Network Rail needs to deploy a fleet of trains, helicopters and drones to carry out the work.

Mark Morris, director of asset management at HS2 Ltd, said, "Our goal is simple: to make HS2 around the passengers and to create a unique experience in terms of appearance, ease of use and ease of use.

"We strive for outstanding punctuality and can predict infrastructure issues before they occur. Delays only count in seconds. "

For HS2 trains at a speed of up to 225 km / h, the state of the infrastructure is assessed using three types of equipment:

– Acoustic sensors that hear wheels running on rails

– Lasers that measure the exact distance between left and right rail

– Video surveillance cables

Mr Morris said that this will lead to problems being detected, investigated and resolved "long before passengers notice a change in ride quality".

He continued, "We want you to be able to set your clock to HS2. This track monitoring technology helps us with this.

"It's going to be the international benchmark for railroad reliability, so if you think of the country that offers the absolute punctuality of the railroad, you'll remember Britain, not Japan or Switzerland."

The first phase of the railroad will be opened between London and Birmingham in December 2026.

A second Y-shaped phase of HS2 is started in two steps.

Phase 2a from West Midlands to Crewe will begin in 2027, followed by Phase 2b from Crewe to Manchester and Birmingham to Leeds in 2033.

The high-tech maintenance program will also be used on the main lines of the East and West coasts as far as Edinburgh and Glasgow as high-speed trains go beyond the new line.

Last November, a £ 2.75 billion competition for the construction, construction and maintenance of around 60 HS26 trains from 2026 was launched.

Future contracts will add more trains once Phase 2b is completed.


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