HSV: Seeler is 85 on Friday: The Uwe film moves Walter to tears: – Bundesliga

“It was a very successful documentary about the life of Uwe Seeler. Tears almost came to me. I found it particularly touching how lovingly and tenderly Uwe and his wife Ilka treated each other. ”

HSV trainer Tim Walter (45) and the other 100 guests were very impressed by the work of filmmakers Reinhold Beckmann (65) and Ole Zeisler (43).

It’s just a shame that “Us” Uwe had to cancel his participation at short notice due to circulatory problems.

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Seeler, who had already seen the NDR homage to him in advance: “A great film. My life has been wonderful. And I owe that to my wife. “

The 45-minute cinematic journey through the sporting and private life of the idol, who will be 85 on Friday, began in the Eppendorf wedding church, where the Seelers tied the knot in February 1959. Ilka: “I chose the best one back then.”

Then it went on in front of the parents’ house in Eppendorf. Uwe with a smile: “Here I played soccer on the street. If something broke, it was always said: it was the soul ”. The next sequence: A walk on the Alster with Olli “Dittsche” Dittrich (64) as well as coffee and cake in the “Funkeck” on Rothenbaumchaussee. The final destination is the Seeler home in Norderstedt.