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HSV-Trainer: Dreamstart! But Wolf only has aura in his head

For exactly two weeks Hannes Wolf is HSV head coach in office. He has led the team to first place with two wins in the league and moved into the knockout round of the first knockout round. A real dream start – but is cheered only very briefly.

Three victories in a row to start it had been for a HSV coach more than eight years ago (Armin Veh). In the first three games without conceding before Wolf never had a HSV coach.

For the 37-year-old nice numbers, but no reason to put in the foreground now. "I'm also the first coach to start at HSV in the second division," Wolf says and explicitly praises the work of his predecessor Christian Titz. "When you take on a team in the season as a coach, there's a lot of what's been done before. We have taken a fit, intact team. That's the truth."

In the video: Coach Wolf says after the victory against Cologne

Wolf has changed only a few things at HSV so far. In the field, these last have provided more stability. The team is more compact. The potential in the offensive continues to be exploited only to a limited extent, but the results are correct.

The coach wants to continue on this path of small steps. "There is no reason to sit back or do something different now. We made three good games. But we must not think now that we have a recipe for success. Then it's gone immediately, I've experienced that a thousand times. "

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Hannes Wolf beamed at his first practice session as a HSV coach.

Although joy over the 1-0 victory against Cologne and the leap to the top of the table were expressly allowed to look further than until the next match on Saturday in Aue, is for the coach, however, not an issue.

He says, "The goal in May is so far away. We know that things are going on hard. Aue may read a little easier, but it is not. If we do it really well, we can barely win there. That's the reality."



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