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  [cp]#黄子韬催迷谈恋爱# @YKYBtao-Huang Zitao posted an article to celebrate Fan Hailang’s 7th birthday, and flopped in the comment area. He saw a fan ridiculing that he should be looking for someone in the next sentence. Taotao took the opportunity to urge fans to fall in love: “You should look for it, it’s all this age.” After being “warned” by fans to pay attention to the format of posting in Chaohua, Taotao asked, “I need a format for my own Chaohua?” Tao, or you should take the lead in finding one. Object?


  Hahaha this interaction is so funny, fans remind Huang Zitao to pay attention to the format of posting. Huang Zitao said that I need a format to enter my own super chat? So did the fans compromise?


  It’s so cute, and each other with my fans. In fact, celebrities are also ordinary people. As long as we are less critical and more tolerant, they are very close to us.Haha, Huang Zitao is already at the age of being urged to get married. If you post a Weibo, you will have to get the format wrong, and you have to have a format for love[哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]What type of girlfriend do you think Brother Zitao will find?[哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]








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