If there is a project that is regularly repeated about him, it's the collapsible smartphone of tomorrow. Samsung is officially on its model that would present a huge screen divided in half while Huawei wants to follow the Korean. And today, it is the latter that interests us since Richard Yu, big boss of the firm, has again evoked the foldable model. For the man, the smartphone with such a characteristic represents the future. Richard Yu thinks that if users sometimes prefer to turn to the computer than the smartphone, it's because the screen is much bigger!

Concept of a collapsible Samsung
Concept of a collapsible Samsung

Huawei, whose Mate 20 delivers more and more information over the days, therefore intends to offer screens of a certain size once they are unfolded. A revolution sufficient to compete with computers? As a reminder, Apple has already deployed this strategy with its iPad claiming to be able to replace our good old PCs with various accessories and an iOS thought for optimal use. It remains to be seen whether the foldable model presented by Huawei will present a satisfactory technology. Until today, the Chinese firm has managed to win second world in the second quarter and in a very short time!



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