Recently, Huawei filed a lawsuit against the US government – the reason was the ban on the use of Chinese telecommunications equipment. And although the legal confrontation is just beginning, Huawei already has an action plan in case of loss.

The company issued an ultimatum: if it is not allowed to enter the American market, it will abandon the Android and Windows operating systems in its own products.

This was stated by the Executive Director of Huawei Richard Yu in a conversation with the publication Welt:

We have developed our own operating system, so we have a plan B in case we have to abandon Android and Windows.

The South China Morning Post publication reports that Huawei began work on its own OS seven years ago. According to Yu, the company would like to continue using Google and Microsoft products, but if the US continues to push it out of the market, it will without hesitation switch to its own operating system.

Such threats are directed not so much at the government of the United States, as at Microsoft and Google. Probably, Huawei expects that US companies will convince politicians to alleviate the pressure, thereby avoiding a new round of trading wave. After all, if the second largest smartphone maker abandons the American software, it will be bad for everyone.


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