Huawei mocks Apple: "Thank you .. You made us the real heroes"

11:54 p

Thursday, September 13,

Books – Assem Al-Ansari:

Apple Inc. unveiled its customers' surprises on Wednesday at a massive news conference from inside Steve Jobs Theater, California.

According to the site "Erdroid", published "Huawei" through the official account on Twitter, a prank that ridiculed by Apple indirectly, and a time during which the launch of phones "Mate 20" mid-month next.

Huawei said: "Thank you for supporting us as innovators. See you in London on October 16."

"Thank you for making us the true heroes of this year, see you in London on October 16," she said in another tweet. The twinkle was attached to a smartphone in a sign of the upcoming Mate 20.

While Huawei did not mention Apple sooner or later, the timing of the tweet coincided with the Apple conference.



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