Dubai – Perforated screens are likely to be the next trend in the smartphone market, after we learned earlier this week that Samsung plans to use this new type of monitor on its next smartphone. Huawei is interested in using such screens in its future smart phones, which have recently been patented by the US Patent and Trademark Office for a smart phone that has this design.

The interesting thing about this patent is that the hole in the screen is dedicated to the earpiece and not to the front camera. In fact, the front camera was never mentioned in the patent despite the fact that a design leaked last July showing us a smartphone with a hole-in screen for the front camera and the headset at the top edge. This design also visualizes a fingerprint sensor on the screen while this patent appears to place this sensor down the camera in the backlight.

In any case, why does the company change a lot of effort for the earpiece? Some phones, such as the original Xiaomi Mi Mix, have tried to use piezoelectric speakers to put the earpiece behind the screen. However, sound quality has proved to be very poor unlike current solutions that offer a distinctive audio experience.


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