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Huawei announced on Monday the implementation of the Super Device system to all of its PCs, a solution that enables unprecedented levels of connectivity and collaboration between the various compatible Huawei devices.

This software feature is the result of many efforts by Huawei to develop ever smarter and significantly more efficient features, Huawei said in a statement.

Huawei plans to improve the lives of millions of users around the world through five major scenarios: health and fitness, easy travel, smart office, entertainment and smart home.

Each of these key life scenarios now uses AI (artificial intelligence) developed by Huawei, which provides new possibilities for creation and communication, by synergizing two recognized Huawei strengths: cross-device collaboration and the presence of a leading ecosystem.

Cross-device collaboration allows Huawei customers to connect multiple devices with each other to achieve an even more successful and comprehensive user experience.

The ecosystem developed by Huawei bridges the existing gap between Windows and mobile platforms, thus stimulating creativity and improving the communication efficiency of users.

HUAWEI Smart Office – Super Device

Thanks to the Super Device Interface, the connection between Huawei PCs, smartphones, tablets, displays and smart TVs is established systematically. You will be able to send a file from your smartphone to your Huawei PC via a simple drag and drop. Super Device pairing is initiated with a single click from the Control Panel of your PC.

HUAWEI Smart Office: Great devices for great creativity!

Today, consumers around the world are using increasingly smart devices. However, they are often forced to juggle two different and fragmented ecosystems: they use their laptops for work and their smartphones for entertainment, making it impossible for them to create a unified experience between these different devices.

Cross-device collaboration makes connecting between devices much more seamless and significantly more productive. Today, Huawei is set to break down all inter-device barriers with the Super Device Smart Office system that allows all compatible devices to work together.

Mobile applications from the Huawei ecosystem also meet all needs. Huawei’s AppGallery is extremely rich in popular apps of all kinds that help improve productivity and enhance entertainment.

All in one !

Now, the Super Device system is available on all Huawei PCs, offering systematic pairing with your Huawei smartphones and ultra-fast access to images and files on them. This allows for much more targeted and significantly more efficient workflows and provides the user with unlimited practicality.

Thanks to the Pop-Up Pairing function, Huawei PCs will be able to quickly connect to wireless headphones, speakers, mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, as well as Huawei printer, thus comprehensively improving the smart desktop experience.

Collaboration with Huawei smartphone: Super multitasking

Once connected, your smartphone will act as an external drive for your PC. This will give you access to all the files on your smartphone just like any other external storage device.

Super Device also allows you to display the entire interface of your smartphone on your PC screen. Thanks to multi-screen collaboration, up to three mobile applications can be opened directly on your PC for a first-class multitasking experience. Users will also be able to easily access material stored on their phone via their PC through the drag-and-drop feature. You can even edit files from your smartphone directly on your HUAWEI MateBook PC.

Huawei MatePad: Super co-creation

Just like your smartphone, your tablet is recognized as an external drive by your PC, allowing you to freely transfer and manage your files between the two devices via drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste.

The super PC + tablet device is capable of supporting three connection modes, each serving distinct use cases.

In mirror mode, the PC screen is mirrored on the tablet screen. Any content written or drawn with the Huawei M-Pencil on the HUAWEI MatePad appears in real time on the PC – this powerful feature helps users get more out of professional design software. In Extend mode, the PC screen is extended to the tablet.

This mode literally turns your tablet into an external PC monitor, improving productivity with a larger, more expansive screen real estate. In collaborative mode, tablet files can be managed directly from the PC.

Collaborating with Huawei MateView: Super Productivity

Users have the option of connecting a Huawei PC to a HUAWEI MateView display, to enjoy a larger display. The HUAWEI MateView supports 4K+ resolution and P3 cinema-level color gamut, allowing users to view their creative work in ultra-high detail and precision.

And that’s just the beginning !

Super Device offers users the opportunity to enjoy the Seamless AI Life experience and access premium productivity that blends convenience and pleasure. The Super Device system now extends to previous Huawei PC models as well, provided users update their Huawei PC and download the latest version of PC Manager.

Source: MAP