Huawei wants to put Google apps in its app store

Huawei hopes that Google applications and services will be available through its Huawei AppGallery store, so that the company is looking through this new idea to attract users to its latest phones not equipped with Google licensed applications.

And the administration of US President Donald Trump last year placed Huawei on the American black list known as the (List of Entities), which restricted American companies from dealing with the Chinese telecom company, and forced Google to stop licensing its operating system for Android mobile devices for Huawei.

Huawei has released flagship smartphones – (Huawei Mate 30), (Huawei Mate 30 Pro), (Huawei P40), (Huawei P40 Pro) and (Huawei P40 Pro Plus) – without licensed Google apps, and this means that services like Gmail or Maps Google was not previously installed on devices.

Although the issue of the lack of Google applications within phones is not a big problem for Huawei in China, where Google services are prohibited and not used by consumers, it is also a major obstacle for the Chinese company in international markets.

“The blacklist caused a $ 10 billion deficit in Huawei’s consumer division in 2019,” Eric Xu, vice president and CEO of Huawei, alternately, told CNBC.

The Chinese company last year launched its operating system called (HarmonyOS), which it said could work across multiple devices such as TVs and smartphones, but it did not put this OS on any of its phones.

Instead, the Huawei P40 lineup uses the so-called open source version of Android, which does not contain the Google Play store, but it comes with the Huawei AppGallery store, and there are very few major applications in the Huawei store, and absenteeism It has prominent names such as Facebook and Instagram.

Huawei has confirmed, since the US administration put it on the blacklist last May, that it still wants to use Google applications and services in its smartphones, but in light of the lack of clarity in the future, Eric Zu has proposed a different strategy.

“We hope that Google services will be available through (Huawei AppGallery), just like how Google services are available through the Apple App Store,” said Google’s Vice Chairman and CEO alternately. Google applications are available through the Apple App Store even though their devices It is running a different operating system.

Eric Zo’s suggestion allows Huawei users outside China to access the applications they rely on without the Chinese company having to run a fully licensed version of Android, a new idea, and analysts said it might be crucial if Huawei wanted to achieve more success abroad.

Bryan Ma, Vice President of Appliance Research at IDC Market Research, said: “Even if Huawei can bring most of the major developers to its store in the coming years, an important developer whose apps are still missing is Google Inc. And if Huawei is really able to include Google, then this will be an important event. ”


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