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Huge boatload of illegal migrants Storms Luxury Resort Beach in Spain

A boat full of around fifty illegal immigrants stranded on Sunday in a luxury resort on the Spanish Costa de la Luz.

Spectators, including some British tourists, were stunned when the migrants launched their semi-inflatable boat and stormed Barrosa beach in Sancti Petri, which, according to the MailOnline, offers a range of shops, restaurants, and four- and five-star hotels.

"Watch them run to the Sancti Petri Melia Hotel, they're on their way to the all-inclusive Melia Sancti Petri. Look, look, look!" A panicked onlooker screamed in the shot, watching the migrants pour inland ,

European security services have previously expressed their concern that illegal landings of this kind could be used to drive radical Islamic terrorists out of densely populated beaches directly from North Africa.

Beach tourists were previously targeted in Tunisia, where a jihadist murdered 38 mostly British sun worshipers in 2017 with a gun disguised in a beach umbrella.

The Barossa Beach landing is far from being the first of its kind in Spain, which in 2018, under its new government, overtook the Socialist Party of Italy and Greece as the first access point for illegal immigrants to Europe.

The footage, shared online at the end of July, showed a large contingent of illegal immigrants landing at another crowded beach in Zahora, scattering inland.

It was almost immediately followed by a separate incident on a nudist beach in Tarifa – less crowded than Barossa and Zahora because of the time of day – with the migrants trying to dodge the Spanish patrolmen trying to intercept them.

The route was enforced by Moroccan gangsters before being used by illegal immigrants who used speedboats to bring weapons, illegal drugs and tobacco to Spain without authorization, using often shocking violence against police and other authorities trying to disrupt their business.

"We are in a state of war and we are losing," complained one official, who was being tried in an interview with the gangs El Pais,

As the billionaire migrant smuggling business is now contributing to the problems of the authorities, it seems unlikely that their workload will slow in the foreseeable future.

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