Amazing boxing news was reported in his latest podcast by Andrew Benson, a BBC Formula 1 correspondent. According to the expert, Liberty Media is working on a huge process in the background: they want to break away from the International Automobile Federation.

The somewhat unimaginable maneuver is justified, according to Benson, by the fact that the F1 management is not satisfied with the FIA’s recent actions. Among other things, events such as when FIA President Mohammed bin Sulay did not nod to the launch of the six sprint races in 2023, or the jewel scandal that ensued. Red Bull-Aston Martin’s bitch also raises uncertainties that the organization didn’t do a good job of checking to see if the latter team copied the former’s solution. Critics have also complained that despite the pilots asking for extra protection, only the concrete wall left them as a collision area in Miami, meaning they didn’t do enough for safety.

So there’s a reason for Liberty to want a split, but the execution won’t be easy. The Formula One World Championship as a name is the property of the FIA, and even though Liberty handles commercial rights, they could no longer use Formula 1 as a name in the event of a rupture.

The leadership of the sport is therefore working on an intermediate solution, according to Benson: the FIA ​​would remain in some symbolic role around F1, FIA President Mohammed bin Sulaym could also visit the races, but they would have no active influence at all. It is questionable whether we can get to this point, but it is certain that such a large-scale internal F1 revolution has not been around for a long time.

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