Huge congestion on Route 160 due to protests by merchants against quarantine in Coronel and Lota | National

Route 160 is suspended in both directions by merchants from Lota and Coronel, in rejection of the quarantine that already extends for two months in the area.

The protesters set up barricades in the Galilea sector, in the northern sector of Coronel.

About 80 protesters cut traffic on the route, where there is significant traffic congestion.

The demonstration is in rejection of the quarantine in the mining communities, to which is added a failed meeting that did not end in agreements with the governor of the province of Concepción, Julio Anativia, who specified that the sanitary criteria are determined by the phase of communes and not social pressures.

As a result of the demonstration, some motorists drive against traffic on Route 160 southbound.

Business leaders requested the presence of regional authorities and questioned the actions of some drivers who rejected the demonstration, where they even installed incendiary barricades.

Some drivers have entered the accesses through industrial parks in the area to be able to move around.

Assigned to RBB

At around 09:00 hours the action of the Carabineros Special Forces was recorded in the northern sector of Coronel, allowing the free passage of vehicles.

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