Hugo Ancajima: “Getting to the ‘U’ was the best thing that happened to me in my entire career”

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Universitario de Deportes is close to facing Deportivo Garcilaso in Cusco on date 10 of the Betsson 1 League 2023 and, for its part, Hugo Ancajima, Defender of the ‘cream’ box, he referred to his current status in the team, the next game and the challenge of facing the Copa Sudamericana the following week.

“Getting to the U was the best thing that happened to me in my entire career. It was a great change in life to get to the U, I decided to accept the proposal because I felt prepared to make that leap and now I am part of the club. It is an immense joy and a source of pride for me, I always try to improve and train more to continue growing in football and help the team,” said Ancajima.

Likewise, the 25-year-old footballer was asked about his competition with Aldo Corzo for the right-back position: “From the first day I arrived at the club, he, as the club’s benchmark, received me in the best way and we were able to talk. He always advised me about what the club and the fans were about. When he played I tried to learn from him and from all my teammates. I have a good relationship with Aldo and we talked a lot. Perhaps before there was that rivalry for the position, but since Fossati’s arrival the We both entered into his scheme and it was difficult for us to adapt at first, but now everything is going well”.

As for what working with Professor Jorge Fossati has been like, Ancajima said: “Jorge instilled more in the theoretical subject, he gave the squad a lot of confidence, he made us understand from day one why we were in the club, what we should do day by day until the day of the game. I didn’t feel a lot of pressure because I knew the club I was coming to, the fans where we play are always there supporting the team and that’s very important to us because it helps us get the games ahead”.

On the other hand, the player referred to the bad start that the ‘cream’ team had in League 1: “They were hard weeks for us as a group because we had been playing well, we had many chances per game that we did not complete and it ended up taking its toll because they converted us and the game closed and it was desperate because of all that we had been working on day by day. Now, thank God, things have changed and we have five wins in a row and that helps the team gain confidence and add to the table.” , indicated in The Voices of Soccer.

University in Copa Sudamericana:

The right-back referred to the rivals that Universitario will have in said international tournament: “We were talking, regardless of the group that would have touched us, we would have continued working, but as the teacher said, we have to focus on Friday against Garcilaso and we’ll see the another week on Sudamericana, since Friday’s game is important to continue at the top of the table”. As recalled, Universitario de Deportes shares Group G with Independiente Santa Fe, Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, and Goiás.

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