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Hugo André, le youtubeur reunion followed by 1.3 million d’subscribers


Encounter. Questions Cons, you know ? These are short videos on Youtube which, as their names indicate, answer questions cons : how y’a-t-il of feathers in a kilo of feathers ? How many grains of semolina in a package ? Beer does it to piss more than water ? Behind these questions lurks a Reunion, Hugo André, living in Paris since 6 years and its finally not so con that it is. Thanks to the chain The Armadillo, the youtubeur and his acolytes are followed by 1.3 million subscribers.

How you came up with the idea of videos on issues cons ?

it All started with a delirium between friends, one evening in January 2015, after an evening of a little alcoholic. The idea was to see if we could do all the lines of the paris metro in a single day. We have so much a laugh to do our little experiment, we had the idea of continuing to answer other questions cons and we launched the first entertainment show on Youtube. Others followed.

At a time, my friends and I are fed up to 8 channels in all. It was so much hassle to manage, that we decided to bring everything on a single chain, The Armadillo, in reference to the small animal that we like. It became the name of our class.

boys you see on your sides in the videos, are the same with which you started the adventure ?

Yes, I always do my videos with my friends starting, Ludovic, Jonathan and Franck. They are all very nice.

How many videos have you done so far ?

By counting the ones of the first channels, we have more than 200 videos in our assets. We take inspiration from these suggestions and the questions left in comments by users that we follow. Of course, we have to make a selection because many of the requests are crazy or are not feasible.

Why ?

When we are asked to count the number of hair on the head of an individual or climb the Eiffel tower with one hand ! We don’t on this kind of messages.

We see you spend an infinite time to count ! Have you ever wanted to drop everything ?

Almost all the time ! Especially when it lasts several days, and that one has the impression of not being able to see the end ! There are times when it is really on the verge of cracking.

But even if the public knows that there is suffering, he wants to see us continue to smile. So we do not loose anything, by devotion. This is the word the most noble that I can put on our perseverance, even if there is a little bit of bad faith behind !

You is it already happened to abandon a challenge during the process ?

there are a few, yes, and in these cases we do not make videos. Once, we wanted to know how he would have had balloons to fill an apartment. After having inflated 500 and we realized that it covered the ground, we gave up. Another time, we wanted to count a sample of grain of sand at Deauville. But the sand was so fine, that it made us freaking out and we decided to simply enjoy the beach. Once, only, we wanted to make a video despite an abandonment.

what was it ?

The aim was to find out how many wins a SDF in a day by making the round in the street. Of course, the money raised was then donated to a homeless. I did not take more than 6 hours in the cold. But the situation of the SDF was so alarming, that we have still decided to do the video.

What was the episode the most difficult to achieve ?

The most difficult thing was to count the number of needles on a fir tree. It was a challenge that had been launched at the Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland, and I had two days to do it. In the end, we were 10 around the tree to be able to finish in time. It was beautiful and it was frustrating getting all these people smiling around the tree, while I was in the process of starting again and again ! I was at the“heart of a beautiful event and I couldn’t even enjoy it ! But hey, in the end we counted 397 920 needles. I remember it so well, that I think I’m going to eventually make me a tattoo that number on the body ! (Laughter)

Don’t you want to launch you into something else ?

for a little over a year, we are exploring other territories, for example by offering videos of journeys and investigations, quite remote Questions Cons, but always with this tone shifted. They were baptized by The Big Doss’ and The P’tits Doss’. The first issues focused on the baby pigeons, that we never see, and pollution on the digital or even the agricultural value chain of tomatoes in Spain ! We are trying to go more towards this type of achievements, most fulfilling, but the large community that follows us on Youtube, it is expected that we continue the Questions Cons, so we did both.

today you are not living your videos on the net ?

Yes, I have the chance to be able to live for almost two years. There was a time when videos were more related than now, but since 250 advertisers have pulled out of Youtube to find related videos that did not correspond to their image, the each other have less money to be divided between them. Most people do not lives today.

You are followed by 1.3 million subscribers. Y a-t-among them many of the faithful reunion ?

Yes, and also, according to the statistics, the Meeting is the third area where it has the most views, after the metropolis, and the Belgium. I am proud and happy. Even though my family no longer resides in the island, I try to go at least once a year to find my all dalons. When I got home last year, I was surprised to see that the people of the island recognised me in the street. It made me really happy !

What are your next challenges ?

Make a Big Doss’ on trees in Germany and to introduce the public to the second book Questions Cons in the month of march.

Bio express

Hugo André, 25 years old, was born in Sainte-Clotilde a 8 January. His mother, now retired, was the director of a training center, and his father, now deceased, worked at the town hall of Saint-Denis. The young man has an older sister of 30 years. After having lived all his life in the Meeting, he left the island at age 19 to study journalism in Paris. In 2015, he started the videos on Youtube and makes it his business with a few friends. When it does not count the snow flakes, Hugo sports, writing, and working on a musical project. He also likes to spend time in bars with his friends.

a Few questions cons

  • What is the length of a Bic pen ? The pen is emptied after 293 pages 9 089 lines. The video, posted in march 2015, has been viewed 2.3 million times.
  • How long does it post-it to cover an apartment ? 6 304 post-it have been necessary for this experiment that lasted 11h and 9 minutes. The video has been seen by 1.8 million viewers.
  • How long does it licks to finish a lollipop ? 1 087, we replied Hugo André. The video was watched by 1.6 million viewers.
  • How eating chocolates “My Darling” to be positive to the breathalyzer test ? 47 for our youtubeur (the number varies according to the weight of the person). And how many views for this video ? 2.6 million.
  • How much money does a HOMELESS person in a day ? If Hugo has not been able to go until the end of the experience, he has harvested 3,45 euros in 6 hours. The meager loot was donated to a homeless person.

The other answers to the questions cons are to find on the chain of The Armadillo on Youtube.

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