Hugo Chávez statue demolished in Bolivia

A group of protesters opposed to Evo Morales in Bolivia, who accuse him of electoral fraud after last Sunday’s elections, They demolished on Monday night a statue of the late former Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez in the town of Riberalta, a town in the Amazon located 650 kilometers northeast of La Paz.

Protesters they tied a rope around his neck of the monument, they cut off his feet with electric saws and even machetes. Then they threw down the figure inaugurated in 2013 by Morales, after which some were encouraged to climb on it and fly, between protest songs, the Bolivian flag.

The protesters were enraged after the Bolivian Supreme Electoral Tribunal resumed the dissemination of the poll data on Monday night, 24 hours after its first and only part that announced that there would be a ballot. Now, with 95.33% of the verified records, Evo Morales extends his lead to 46.86% and Carlos Mesa is second with 36.72%. Thus, by obtaining an advantage of more than 10 points over his rival, the current President would obtain his re-election in the first round.

After the suspension of the provisional data count, the opposition leader Carlos Mesa had called his supporters to “one eve“In all the cities of the country to take care of the votes that were placing him in a ballot with Morales.

The interruption of the official data had occurred immediately after the first numbers of the counting were known at 19:40 (local time) on Sunday. At that time it was announced that with 83.76 percent of the verified records, Morales was not enough to consecrate himself in the first round. According to these data, the MAS had obtained 45.28% of the votes, while CC reaped 38.16%. About 17% of the minutes were missing. But no more data was known.

Both the Mesa and the OAS electoral observation mission they requested an explanation from the TSE for the suspension of the provisional scrutiny but they got no response. Mesa already warned that the results could be altered and demanded that “don’t be mocked”The scrutiny. Morales, meanwhile, speaking on Sunday night, was confident that with the remaining votes he will count, he will exceed 50% and win in the first round, which only increased the opposition leader’s suspicions that they could alter the results.

Late in the afternoon, as the final official count began to advance, Surprisingly, the TSE again released data from the provisional scrutiny, now with more than 95% of the certificates verified, showing Morales already on the way to achieving his re-election in the first round.


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