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Hugues Moutouh, new prefect of Hérault: safety above all

by archyw

Hugues Moutouh promises a mode of relationship “very direct, very frank, very cash, and without language“. He claims to be a”authority official“and assume without trembling wanting”to gain respect and respect for civil servants“.

At 53, he presents himself as the “armed arm“of the state on the territory and denounces at the outset the recent threats against the deputy Patricia Mirallès, by one or more anti-vaccines. It warns, moreover:”count on me to have a firm hand“.

He wants to “clean” Montpellier

One of his workhorses: the “daily safety“. Hugues Moutouh hears”clean up the city“from Montpellier, together with the Mayor Michaël Delafosse. An expression which is reminiscent of that of the former head of state Nicolas Sarkozy, president under whose orders he worked and of which he was the adviser, when he promised to clean up La Courneuve at the Karcher or rid Argenteuil of the “scum“. The prefect indeed wishes put an end to attacks and damage : “there are no small incivilities. My doctrine is to be tough on crime and its causes“, announces the one whose dog is called”Putin“.

Also fight against radicalization and separatism, that’s what he wants. And this, in all its forms: Islamism, but also the ultra left, says Hugues Moutouh, he who officiated Place Beauvau, as adviser to the Minister of the Interior, during the attacks committed by Mohamed Merah, in 2012.

Position in the face of the pandemic

One of its emergencies, however, will be the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, while the Hérault “don’t go strong“, with an incidence rate of 201.4 for residents. He recalls that the dynamic is”exponential“, even if the number of patients in intensive care remains low (9) and that the vaccination is rather encouraging, according to him, with a rate of more than 85% in the more than 75 years.

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Hugues Moutouh fears having to come to a gradual tightening of measures, facing the fourth wave: “too many people don’t wear it or wear it badly“. Will he take any measures himself in the next few days? He thinks about it, depending of course on the dynamics, and he does not exclude new restrictions sure “gauges, increased controls and geographic extension of mask wear.”

Former business lawyer, sports enthusiast

This former state officer in Valencia, who will also focus on the many questions related to mobility in the Hérault, also claims an agricultural and sporting tropism, he who has long played rugby.

Born in Paris, he grew up and studied in Bordeaux, the city in which he obtained his diplomas and his agrégation at the Faculty of Law. Then, return to the capital, with a long experience in ministerial cabinet then presidential. A trajectory that he put on hold in 2012, to become a partner business lawyer, for two years. Then, a career as an entrepreneur until 2019, before becoming prefect again, this time in Drôme.

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