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Hulot and Berger call for a "political jump"

The former Minister of Ecology, Nicolas Hulot. – Bertrand GUAY / AFP

Former Minister Nicolas Hulot,
Laurent Berger (CFDT) and about fifteen associative leaders call for "a deep political jump so that this quinquennium" is not "lost for the ecological transition and social justice", in a forum published by the Sunday newspaper.

Before the announcement by Emmanuel Macron of measures to conclude the great debate and extinguish the revolt of "yellow vests", most of the first signatories of the "social and ecological pact" presented March 5 resume the pen.
"The last weeks have given way to a concert of political voices in favor of a very reductive interpretation of the expression of the French," they say.

"We are fed up with fiscal injustice"

These 16 personalities, including Christophe Robert (Foundation Abbé Pierre) and Véronique Fayet (Secours catholique), refuse to consider that "the urgency of the decline in public spending and taxes" can be "the main lesson to be learned from five months of the occupation of roundabouts, unprecedented climatic marches and four months of great debate ". A stone in the garden of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe who had chosen last Monday the great debate that it was necessary to "lower taxes faster" in the face of "immense exasperation tax."

Rather than a "fiscal loaf", "we are fed up with fiscal injustice. The nuance is important ", underlines the podium, observing that" to reduce certain expenses would not do harm to our country ". Thus "12 billion euros spent each year in support of fossil fuels, while it lacks so many resources to isolate 7 million energy strainers, guarantee access for all to public services or in the associative link."

The urgency is for investment "in ecological, solidarity and territorial transition"

Assuming a "disagreement with the ambient discourse", the 16 union and union leaders, among whom Laurent Escure (Unsa), reject a "budgetary rigor carried in political totem". "It is no longer possible to decide on public policies without assessing their impact on the poorest 10% of our fellow citizens or with regard to sustainable development goals," they argue.

For them, the urgency is for investment "in the ecological transition, solidarity and territorial", with "less polluting" transport, a "massive renovation of housing" and "the conversion of our industries".
"The main Asian countries do not hesitate to invest heavily in green technologies. Our wait-and-see attitude is a boon for them, delaying or compromising the creation of millions of jobs in Europe, "they warn.


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