Human Rights Watch demands universal and equitable access to vaccines against Covid-19

Human Rights Watch calls for equal global access to vaccines (Photo: Gamaleya National Center)

The humanitarian organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) launched a new order, so that the governments who have allocated large public funds to the development of vaccines against COVID-19 ensure that there will be universal and equitable access to that benefit throughout the world.

Until mid-September governments, mainly from United States, Germany, Great Britain, Norway and the European Commission, allocated more than US$ 19.000 millones dollars to fund the search for vaccines.

He too world Bank approved on October 13 financing of US$12.000 millones for COVID-19 tests, treatments and vaccines to combat it.

HRW uniformly disclosed stating that “Governments must offer people around the world maximum access to a vaccine against covid-19, which is as affordable as possible, and those who finance vaccines with public funds must do so in accordance with transparent terms and conditions ”.

They should also support a proposal for India and South Africa so that some of the global rules on intellectual property are bypassed, so that vaccines can be manufactured on a large scale and offered at a price that everyone can afford.

In your report “Whoever Finds the Vaccine Must Share It(Whoever finds the vaccine must share it), HRW argues that governments have a human rights obligation to ensure that scientific benefits from publicly funded research are distributed as widely as possible.

It is imperative that governments work together, act with transparency and cooperate to share the benefits of the scientific research that they finance to help humanity ”, said the advisor of HRW Aruna Kashyap.

The report recalled that according to International Monetary Fund strong cooperation on COVID-19 vaccines could accelerate global economic recovery and increase global revenues by US $ 9 billion by 2025.

But he cautioned that future vaccines are likely not to provide lasting immunity, leaving countries vulnerable to weather cycles or waves of infection, making it imperative to help lower-income nations improve their defenses against the pandemic.

It was mentioned that the fear of the possible shortage of vaccines has not yet been answered, and global demand for a safe and effective vaccine is expected to far exceed supply. As of October 19, 10 potential vaccines were in the final stage of clinical trials.

OxfamThe nongovernmental coalition against poverty said in September that high-income countries had already reserved 51 percent of doses of several of the major potential vaccines, even though those nations only represent 13 percent of the world’s population.

Their distribution in all countries should also be arranged. HRW collected the testimony of a nurse in Karachi, Pakistan, who said that “I don’t even want to think about when people who are in poverty receive the vaccine.”

The benefit of the vaccine for all countries and populations must be guaranteed, asks HRW (Photo: Gamaleya National Center)

First it will apply to those in charge of the administration of hospitals, doctors, politicians, and all the rest later, if there is anything left “, he opined.

The price of vaccines could also constitute a major obstacle to universal and equitable access to them, and HRW He stressed that in many places vaccines will only be accessible and affordable for everyone if they are free.

Some governments finance Covax Facility, a global vaccine procurement mechanism to help low- and middle-income countries get them. The mechanism has yet to publish the contracts it has signed with the companies.

Finally, HRW supported the initiative of Costa Rica to create a Fund for Access to Technology against COVID-19, to share technologies, data and expertise usable anywhere in the world to manufacture the necessary medical products against the pandemic, including vaccines.

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