Humanity without limits: after polluting the Earth and space, it’s Mars’ turn to turn into a dump

The Perseverance rover has sent us new images of the red planet and this time again, we can see remarkable things. No question of a strange Martian formation here, but rather of the casualness with which humanity pollutes everything it “touches”.

As we destroy Earth, colonizing other planets will soon be no more than just a hobbyists fantasy, but a necessity for the salvation of mankind. Unfortunately, what will have pushed man to settle on another planet could well happen again, because everything we touch, we destroy it little by little. Just look at the state of Earth’s orbit, littered with space debris. And unfortunately, the scenario already seems to be repeating itself on Mars, even before we set foot there.

Perseverance photos captured on the red planet have indeed demonstrated that human waste was already strewn on Mars. The device immortalized the presence of a piece of the thermal blanket that protected it from extreme temperatures during its landing.

The presence of this debris at this location surprised the researchers of the Perseverance team, because the descent of the device was made about 2 km away. “Did that piece land here after that, or was it blown here? asks the team about Twitter.

Mars, an open landfill

This debris is not the only one littering the Martian soil. Last April, the Ingenuity helicopter had already captured the presence of man on Mars through space debris made in Earth, including the landing gear that helped him get to the red planet.

And as Man continues his exploration of the red planet, with possible manned missions, the Martian landscape should only deteriorate and get closer to that of the Earth, covered by debris and waste of all kinds.

Credit: NASA


Apart from our space exploration getting off to a bad start, the presence of human objects on other stars and planets, such as boots, shovels, and entire vehicles on the Moon or Mars, actually contaminates pristine planetary bodies. And that could potentially have consequences.

The proliferation of space debris around the Earth is of increasing concern, as it poses a risk to future space explorations. Moreover, the situation should potentially degenerate as space becomes a playground for billionaires in search of new thrills.

Unfortunately, for the time being, there is no law to regulate the pollution of space exploration and there is little chance that humanity will overcome its differences and terrestrial quarrels to vote for one and preserve a space that does not ultimately does not belong to us.