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Humberto Zurita takes a drastic decision after the death of Christian Bach

After the lamentable death of the famous actress Christian Bach, her husband, the actor Humberto Zurita has taken a strong decision.

The world of shows was severely hit after the announcement of the death of Christian Bach.

However after the news, the actor for now decided to stop promoting their latest projects, one of them the tape A family portrait.

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A few days after the tragedy, it was announced that Humberto Zurita faced the death of Christian Bach during the filming of the film.

It was the actress Ximena Romo, who plays the daughter of Zurita in the film, who revealed that despite the death of his beloved wife, the Mexican actor did not want to stop the film's recordings.

"At no time did he want to stop filming because he understands what that kind of thing implies. They tried to shoot their scenes in a day so he could leave and have his duel, "he said in an interview with Ventaneando.

Through a statement, the family of the actress released the sad news.

"By this means we want to share with you a great sorrow for this family. Christian Bach died on February 26 this year due to a respiratory arrest ", can be read in the extensive announcement.

In the same way, it was commented that the Argentine interpreter always wanted to maintain her personal life in complete secrecy, with the intention of being able to lead a normal life, parallel to her profession.

Following this same line, her husband, actor Humberto Zurita has remained outside the media after announcing the death of Christian.

That is why the actor did not attend the presentation of "A family portrait", his latest film, because he does not want, for now, to capture the attention of the press after the death of his wife.

In the film, the actor gives life to a successful man who one day decides to change his routine and spend time with his daughters and wife, whom he does not really know.

"Humberto just went through a personal situation and asked us to respect that, he preferred to save himself for later and not get attention now. (The movie) It's 99 percent its history (appearances) and today is not your best day, "said Adrián Zurita, director and who has no blood relationship with Humberto, only the surname.

After the death of the famous interpreter, Humberto Zurita has limited to publish photos of Christian and his children in his Instagram account, where he has received a lot of messages of support from his fans.

"That's how he always wanted them, supported by her, to take them by the hand for life and fill them with the love that only she knew how to give them. Teach them respect for others and the gratitude of being alive as a family. My three most loved ones Great memories. Tears are fire that purifies love, making it clear and beautiful for an eternity. I love you, "wrote Humberto to accompany that touching image.


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