Hundred. “We paid for roads we never walked on and empty stadiums. It was all public investment”

Governor of Banco de Portugal devastated the lack of care and demand in public investments made in the past, such as the Euros 2004 stadiums. That is why today projects take longer to start.


© Leonardo Negrão / Global Imagens

Part of the excessive delays in the start of many public investments is explained by the greater “care” and the greater “demand” that exists today in the application of project financing compared to what happened in the past, defended Mário Centeno, the governor of Banco de Portugal ( BdP), in a debate that took place in Lisbon, this Thursday (May 25).

Centeno insisted that it is necessary to accelerate more in the execution of the funds, but he asked for caution so as not to commit some serious mistakes of the past.

“We need to understand that, for example, in Portugal, we ended up paying for roads where we will never walk, and that was public investment”, “we have stadiums [de futebol] that are empty, and that is public investment”, shot the governor of the central bank during a round table of the “conference on investment and financing of the resilience and renewal of Europe”.

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2023-05-26 06:24:00

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