Hundreds of bags of money fall on a highway and passersby rush for them




Although money does not grow from trees, on a highway in Carlsbad (California) it has fallen from the sky, causing a traffic stop.

Travelers who were circulating on the highway at that time were surprised by the abundant amount of billI know that he fell from a tanker truck.

“One of the doors opened and some bags of cash fell out,” CHP officer Curtis Martin told “NBC San Diego.” “Some of the bags were broken in the lanes and there was cash in all the lanes.”

Among those who witnessed this atypical scene, it was the American athlete Demi Bangy, who uploaded a video showing what happened: «This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

Someone dropped money all over the highway.

Likewise, the journalist Melissa Adan published on Twitter images that not a single banknote had been left on the ground, only the bank paper bands that held the bundles.

However, tempting as it may be, collecting money in a situation like this is a crime, recalled a spokesperson for the CHP. For that reason, he has urged that it be returned and investigators are working to identify the people and the license plates of the vehicles seen at the scene.

Although several collaborated to deliver that money to the officers, others did not miss the opportunity and fled with the money in their arms. The amount of money that flew out is not yet known, nor has it been determined how much has been recovered.

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